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Who is cantor?

cantor's icon "Cantor" is the internet alias of Jürgen Klein. I was born about 40 years ago in Germany (that is the reason why I seem look so old on the icon on the left) and Frankfurt is my current residence. I really love this city because it is so vivid and cosmopolitan, although there are less than 500.000 inhabitants.

Photo: Frankfurt Skyline

Frankfurt is mainly known as a major European center for finance (with more than 80.000 persons employed in this business sector) but there are still "some" people (i.e. 90 %) who don't work as a banker or a consultant but have an "old-fashioned" profession like me. After my pharmaceutical examination I spent some more time at University for graduate studies and finally joined a multinational pharmaceutical company some years ago.

If you like, have a look through some of the many Livecams around the city.

My Interests

I love arts and (classical) music. One of my favourite composers is Franz Schreker (1878-1934) and consequently you will find some Biographical Information on Franz Schreker on this website.

Of course I also added some black-and-white Photography. The pictures have been taken in New York (1994), Syria and Jordania (1998), and Iran (2000).

Design is another main area of interest for me. You can take a look on several (wall, floor and ceiling) lamps and small pieces of furniture I have designed and built.

Last but not least I have collected some interesting links on Thalidomide which might be of pharmaceutical and/or medicinal interest.

Enjoy your stay on my website ...

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